Green Metric offers a low cost solution that works industry wide in convenience stores, banks, office buildings, airports, malls, pharmacies, grocery stores, gas stations, schools, colleges, health care clinics, residential common areas controlled by property management companies, and more. Customers now have a low cost solution in controlling and monitoring thousands of buildings across the globe to save significant energy and operational costs.

It's all about the data and how to harness it's value

The world is changing with measurement and control devices at the center of this explosive
growth. The challenge is collecting, managing and presenting this data in a meaningful way.

These capabilities apply to a wide variety of industries and applications:

»  Facilities and environmental management of energy, water & climate control.

»  Government management of roadway traffic and maintenance.

»  Retail analysis for counting people and tracking frequency and location.

»  Property management companies measure consumption of common services, such as
    water and electricity across multiple client facilities.

»  Higher education institutions to influence behavior that drive costs related to energy 

What if...

Decisions were based on facts
versus hype

The drivers for “Go Green” are often based on hype for saving money and public image. Our solutions allow you to save money and be good citizens based on measurable facts.


You could influence people’s behavior
to meet your objectives

We provide capabilities to present your data in a manner that influences behavior to meet your objectives.


You could use your data patterns
to identify risks and opportunities

Our solutions learn your normal usage patterns to identify exceptions to the rules you have established.

Our Capabilities

Collect the data

Our solutions collect the data from measurement and control devices in a non-intrusive manner.

Manage and control the data

We store and manage all of this data in a secure cloud location dedicated to our clients.
Our solution allows you to control your devices based on the data or based on real-time
environment conditions.

Present the data

Our secure cloud-based technology provides our clients with analysis and reporting via
dashboards and alerts.

Realize value from the data

Manage, configure and report on all measurement and control devices across your network
from a single solution. This allows our clients to identify areas of opportunity for unrealized ROI.