Green Metric Solution Key Features:

» No Installation Costs - Just plug-in the network cable and power cable

» No External IP Required - Does not require a VPN or an external IP for remote management functions

» Auto-Discovery of Mavericks - Each Toaster automatically finds up to 25 Mavericks on same network

»  Wireless Available - Solution can run over WiFi or Cellular networks

»  Uses DHCP and outbound https (port 443)

»  Resilient to Internet Outages - Toaster will store up to 2 days of data during an internet outage

»  High Availability – Inquire about redundancy options to ensure your data is always available even with a hardware failure

»  Uses industrial strength encryption and best practices to keep your data available and secure

»  Data centers located in Asia, Europe, and
United States

»  Data centers are managed by Microsoft® and undergo annual audits: ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 Attestation. You can read more about Microsoft's cloud security and privacy practices here:


Green Metric partners with MAMAC SYSTEMS®

Green Metric has partnered with MAMAC SYSTEMS, an industry leading global manufacturer of sensors, transducers, control peripherals and web browser based IP appliances. Green Metric has industry experts in the IT field who has created a solution to extend the capabilities of the Maverick Appliance product line to the cloud. With this cross industry expertise, we created a solution that excels in simplicity and cost effectiveness second to none.

» Use thermostat appliances to control HVAC equipment

» Use input/output appliances with appropriate sensors to control equipment, fans, dampers, lights, sprinklers, etc.

» Provide insight into failing equipment before it requires an emergency service call

» Monitor energy usage to respond to abnormal usage that may indicate a problem

» Maverick Appliances are able to function completely independent from Green Metric Solution to ensure individual points can be measured and controlled even when the cloud solution is unavailable.

» More details available at

» Supported and installed by HVAC industry experts

MAMAC SYSTEMS Maverick Appliance

MAMAC Maverick Appliance Capabilities

» Automated Archiving and Backup – Historical data available for dashboards and compliance reporting

» Centrally manage thousands of Maverick Appliances in buildings across the globe

» Automated date and time synchronization across all Mavericks for any time zone and DST setting. No need to remember to change Daylight Saving Time or adjusting for time drift.

» Show history of changes to settings across all Maverick Appliances regardless of location

» Real-time dashboards with min/max/avg capability or zoom into data by minute

» Export historical data to Excel

» Apply updates to one or many Maverick Appliances at the same time

» Manage level of user access from read-only to administration permissions

» Identify patterns and anomalies in data across facilities to recognize potential cost savings

» Send Maverick Alert Emails from the Cloud

» Early Detection of Malfunctioning Mavericks

» Define Intelligent Alerts and Escalation Levels based on Rules

» Supported by IT industry experts

Green Metric Cloud Solution Capabilities

The Green Metric Toaster means one thing "simplicity" ... just plug it in

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