What we do.

»  Measure and Monitor Energy Usage

– Our customers can measure and monitor their electric, gas, and water usage. They do this for a number of reasons that vary from cost reduction to early failure detection of equipment.

– The type of business will determine why monitoring energy usage is important. For example, hotels are interested in energy usage per occupancy to identify opportunities to reduce energy. Colleges want to engage students in conserving energy in facilities and dormitories which can lead to gamification to help reduce energy.

– Monitoring energy usage can also detect abnormal usage that may indicate a problem. For example, an unoccupied building constantly using water may indicate a leaky toilet.

– Early failure detection of equipment is another example. Customers can be alerted when equipment, such as pumps, motors, chillers, etc., are using more electricity than normal.

– Measuring electricity can even be done to determine when to use wind mills  or solar power versus traditional electric power from the grid. Power from these reusable energy sources can even be sold to the grid when not needed.

»  Control Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Equipment

– Like the thermostat that controls the furnace or air conditioner in your home, our solution does this for commercial applications that require more sophisticated features such as two-stage boilers. Heating and cooling a commercial building can be drastically different than a residential home. For starters, the square footage and commercial equipment are much different; not to mention there may be many buildings spread across a city, state, or country.

– Examples of commercial HVAC equipment include chillers, boilers, air handlers, and roof-top units. Other items commonly controlled include lights and sprinklers.

– Our solution not only works in these commercial facilities; the solution can optimize the equipment to save money on energy usage.

– When there are many buildings, our solution allows the customer to manage this equipment from their browser or mobile device at any location. Think of convenience stores, pharmacies, and any retail building that has hundreds or thousands of locations that can now be centrally managed.

» Regulatory Compliance Reporting

– There are many types of businesses that must show compliance with environmental controls in their building due to food and drug regulations.

– For example, hospitals and pharmacies need to show that the temperature and humidity is maintained to comply with regulations. The same is true for businesses selling food products.

– Our solution provides the customer the data they need for regulatory compliance.

Our solution is meant for a commercial application that applies to most industries. With our solution, customers are able to do the following:

Key Differentiators

» Cost - When comparing the cost of our solution to expensive Building Automation Systems (BAS), the low cost will surprise you. Our solution is not meant to compete with BAS but it offers a great low cost alternative that can scale to thousands of buildings that traditionally required an expensive BAS that wasn’t fully utilized.

» Simplicity - Facilities staff can maintain the system without expensive BAS engineers and service contracts.

» Scalability - This simple solution can scale to hundreds or thousands of buildings across the globe.

» Convenience – Manage it all from one location anywhere.

So, how is this all possible? The combination of HVAC and IT professionals made it possible.

Our solution is different than other solutions on the market because of the collective set of advantages it offers. Here are a few key differentiating factors: